Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here's to hearts

Curse you, anxiety.

It is so inconvenient that every bodily response to stress is exactly what will be least helpful under the circumstances. What about the human biology is convinced that an unbelievable rise in blood pressure will be useful when your mind is full to capacity?

Useless, useless, useless….

The last thing I need when trying to clear my head of chaos is the deafening sound of my own accelerated heart rate. Though it wouldn’t be surprising that my heart purposefully takes advantage of any small reason to test itself since this is likely the most exercise it gets all year. …sad but true… and, despite such frustrations, our hearts really don’t ever get the recognition they deserve.

Dear heart,
My sincerest apologies for overlooking you. I really am most grateful for the mechanism that you are and would be frightfully disappointed if you were to seek employment elsewhere. All the same, I find it most thoughtless of you to race out of control when I most need to concentrate or am pressed for time to escape something fearful or unable to find the words to impress someone by whom I am most impressed. Consequently, I am formally appealing to you to take greater caution in doing what you do best.
Yours ect.

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eliesa marie. said...

MUH! I didn't know this place exsisted. a world full of thoughts of Ashley. i'm excited! :) i love how you speak,it's so eloquent and i'm horribly envious! you inspire me to read more,too. i haven't read Pilgrim's Progress, either,no. i should! i need to! Charles and i were talking about how you read so dang much today when we were at the park,lol. you put us both to shame. well,ican't waitto see you tomorrow my dear!

much MUCH love,