Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Welcome... my REAL first blog.

This, I am proud to announce, is the very first of many actual blogs to be recorded in this space which bears my name as author and it is a great relief. My interpersonal communications class- and, consequently, my entire freshman year of college- has now been completed and I am free to use this region of virtual existence as I please.

I have considered before the possibility of creating a blog, but never pursued it. I suppose I felt it a little conceited to assume that anyone would want to read anything I think and say just because I said it in the form of a blog, but as it was required to use one for that class I think I won’t let this opportunity go to waste now that I’ve got it all set up.

I’m home for the summer. And I’ve never earned a break more in my life. But, as everyone here’s still in work or school all day and I haven’t found a job yet, the amount of time left to my disposal is overwhelming. My art box which, after an entire school year in hibernation, was probably considering writing a will when I finally opened it 5 days ago and I don’t think I’ve ever sharpened pencils so many times in one week. It’s a good feeling and one I’ve been missing to have no place to walk in my bedroom because of the unending heaps of paper and erasers and various tools that would destroy the carpet if accidentally stepped on. I even broke out my guitar (Cedric) and old sheet music to brush up. I’m not getting far yet, but I’ve got time, that’s for sure.

Today I drew, played, sang, cooked, read and slept. That’s about all. I certainly believe I’ve earned the relaxation, but I don’t know how anyone could live their whole life that way. Especially not by themselves. I really can’t wait to start working and doing things that have purpose beyond filling up my day. Such as writing a blog that I already know no one will read. But then, I don’t think I’m really writing this for anyone else. I think it’s me that needs to project my thoughts into something else. Like a pensive. Just to relieve the growing tension in my mind. And so, in that respect, I suppose I’ve served my purpose here.
Good night.

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